Borough Market – oh YUM!

Our friend stephen took us to the Borough Market and no suprises, we loved it.  It’s a cross between our Central Market and a very good farmers’market. There were lots of stalls presented by the food maker (all those delicious farmhouse cheeses, game pies, breads, preserves and jams, meats, dairy) and few fruit and veg stalls. A few importers turffles, spices, amazing coffee. And lots of stalls serving food to eat on the spot: curries, paella, roast pig, juices, coffee and general fresh deliciousness.


There’s been a market on the site for a thousand years they reckon. And as it’s on the main road to the first ever bridge over the Thames into London, that would make sense. It’s evolved in the last 200 years to have several sections – a Victorian-era covered market, stalls and buildings tucked under the railways arches, a newish atrium section with a demonstration kitchen and lots of seating, and then even more stalls outside: these ones were cooking and serving lunches to the squillions of people that arrive at lunch time.


We couldn’t even get into Monmouth Coffee, so wide is its reputation for serving GREAT coffee, but we found a sunny terrace on the Wine Wharf, where we breakfasted and watched traders and tourists, guides and girls guides, school kids and chefs, and cyclists and black cabs squeeze past. Then into the fray. The fungi from France were the draw card of the day but not for tasting; we did enjoy the Piedmontese cheeses washed in Barolo and packed  in the pressings. I nearly wept at the berries – white currants, people,white currants!  And raspberries that we could afford, even with the tragic Australian dollar. The first truffles were there too.



2 thoughts on “Borough Market – oh YUM!

  1. Lucy Macdonald says:

    Hello Dear gourmands, lucky you at Borough markets, so marvellous and yummy and Historic,like an English souk. Once there in the fray, I brushed shoulders with a young man with an entourage and a camera person drowning in the crowd …it was a young J Oliver, newcomer of the moment, as he was buying seafood for one of his early shows. Well not exactly shoulders as he is taller than me. Love your journal entries, and no doubt you have heard we`ve had another leadership change here. Interesting times. lots love Lucy mac

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