Countdown to departure

Yoicks! Thirty hours to lift off! Lists to make, library books to return, audiobooks to down load. Destination this time is one great city: London.

We’ll start in Greenwich, then cross the river and stay near Regent’s Park. And I want to spend lots of time on the river, or at very least, understanding the river. All suggestions and inspirations welcome. 

It would be too easy to start our play list with The Clash “London Calling”.  But I think I’ll play THIS on my iPod when we land. 

See you all in the UK. 


4 thoughts on “Countdown to departure

  1. Helen fulcher says:

    Kate, in the new longish John Marsden South of Darkness, there is a section about the grimness of that river at time of First Fleet. Buckets of research behind the book with a long list of them at the end.
    Bon voyage. Look forward to your epistles, helen f

  2. Lucy Macdonald says:

    Kate my dear, how embarrassed am I … I realise now that I had not only neglected you and T recently but also my emails, whcih contained yours telling me of your departure … so didnt get this one until too late. Merde.

    Woo hoo the Thames … can I share my dream, (perhaps you can tick some off as the London ABC: ie Adelaide Bridge Crossers) … to cross each bridge across the Thames … by foot preferably, along side a wheel chair, with other transport in between. Part of the focus is to research the histories of each bridge around the activity. So far have done the usual suspects by foot; Millenium many times, Tower, Westminster, Golden Jubes Bridge, Chelsea, Albert & Putney, some by bus by mistake not knowing where to get off …. so many more to do.

    Dunno if any interest to you, no doubt you`ve researched this already. (Kate I cant imagine I know anything you dont already have a file on …)

    Another Thames gem of engineering is the Thames Barrier, down nearer the mouth, an exciting structure especially if they are raising or lowering some of the gates, are two sites about Lon bridges and their history,

    Lucky Ducks, blow some kisses to the tidal muds for me, Lucy

    • Lucy, so far we haven’t crossed or burned any bridges! We’ve loitered round Greenwich, and our two days of venturing west, we’ve sailed under every bridge from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall! Yes, it’s true: the river bus is the easiest transport for Tim, and utterly lovely. I’ll post river and bridge pix next xoxo

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